Picking ripe apples by hand from trees in Korea

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Picking ripe apples by hand from trees in Korea 3
Picking ripe apples by hand from trees in Korea 3

Arriving in Mungyeong in the early days of November, I harbored a desire to see with my own eyes the rows of ginkgo trees glowing yellow in the sunlight or the red maple leaves overhead.

Looking through the window, Mungyeong was so different from what I imagined about the third most developed country in Asia.

In the red and yellow color of the forest trees in the changing season of leaves, I was suddenly fascinated by the apple farms on both sides of the road, stretching across the hillsides.

Korean apple season can last until March.

My eyes seemed to brighten at that moment, so Ms. Hoa – the tour guide of the group, guessed what I meant. She began to explain that this time Korea is in the harvest season of fruits such as apples, pears, persimmons…

For someone like me who only imagines an apple tree producing green, small, and mildly sour fruits, the bunches of bright red apples dangling in the garden in front of the fruit have a strange attraction and stimulate curiosity.

And then we were able to enter the apple orchard.

At first, I thought it was not a small number, but when I touched the first apples on the tree, I realized that each of us only needed to pick 2-3 apples to reach the required number.

According to the garden owner, there are about 170 trees here and each tree produces about 40 kg of apples per crop.

Picking ripe apples by hand from trees in Korea

Ripe apples are fragrant, sweet, and cool.

Even though the apple trees here are approximately 10 years old, they are only half as tall as me.

The garden owner looked happy while weighing the weight, asking us to try the apples he had just picked.

After a while of engrossed in touching, picking and running after apples, I rewarded myself with a moment of rest by sitting down under a tree.

Talking to me, Ms. Hoa – a Vietnamese bride in Korea said that apple picking has become a familiar job for her since returning to her husband’s house.

Picking ripe apples by hand from trees in Korea

A kilogram of apples sold at the garden costs 4,000 won (80,000 VND)

Trying to be a farmer for a few hours was an unplanned but memorable experience for me.

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