Proposal to open a series of mini bus routes in Saigon

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Proposal to open a series of mini bus routes in Saigon 3
Proposal to open a series of mini bus routes in Saigon 3

On the afternoon of July 8, the Department of Transport proposed that the Ministry of Transport allow businesses to implement a project to provide public passenger transport services by small-capacity buses integrating technology applications.

Cars used are under 17 seats, no standing room, ticket price is 30,000-40,000 VND during peak hours;

Businesses use Godee software installed on mobile phones to provide ticket sales services.

Saigon’s roads are narrow and buses are often stuck in traffic.

These bus routes operate between new urban areas, industrial parks, and traffic hubs in the city, connecting with mass public passenger transport routes and other bus routes.

The routes expected to be deployed include: H1 20 km long (connecting districts 7, 1, 2) with the starting point at Belleza apartment building and the ending point at Vinhomes Central Park with 22 stops;

Route H4 (connecting Nha Be district to District 1) is 15 km long, starting point at Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden, ending point at The Park Residence apartment building with 18 stops;

H7 (connecting District 9 to District 1) is 24 km long, starting point at Turtle Lake, ending point at The Park Residence Complex with 21 stops.

The Department of Transport assessed that the project is suitable for operations in areas with limited transport infrastructure, internal residential areas and diversifying the vehicle fleet.

According to the Department, the ticket prices proposed by businesses also ensure competitiveness, do not affect existing bus routes, but also help increase connectivity and expand the coverage of the city bus network.

Ho Chi Minh City currently has 125 intra-provincial bus routes and 27 bus routes connecting with neighboring provinces with more than 2,000 buses.

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