Quang Binh recorded 118 suspected Covid-19 cases in 24 hours

Quang Binh recorded 118 suspected Covid-19 cases in 24 hours 10
Quang Binh recorded 118 suspected Covid-19 cases in 24 hours 10

The number of suspected cases in Bo Trach, Le Thuy, Quang Ninh, Quang Trach and Dong Hoi city is related to the chain of infection at Nhat Le fishing port.

Previously, on August 12, a 39-year-old fisherman returned from Da Nang City without declaring, docked at Nhat Le fishing port to sell, and tested positive for nCoV on August 24.

The province has traced 2,000 F1, 5,200 F2.

This is the first time Quang Binh has recorded such a high number of daily infections.

Secretary of the Quang Binh Provincial Party Committee Vu Dai Thang requested the branches to closely monitor and properly assess the situation to have timely solutions;

On the same day, Quang Tri announced 9 more cases of nCoV infection, of which 7 cases were brought back by the province by train on August 15, 2 cases were returned by personal car from Ho Chi Minh City.

The Hanoi Department of Health recorded 33 positive cases of nCoV from 12:00 to 18:00 on August 26, bringing the total number of cases for the day to 66.

33 cases of infection were recorded on the afternoon of August 26, including 32 people in the cough and fever cluster and related people, one person related to Ho Chi Minh City in Giap Bat, Hoang Mai.

At noon on August 26, 33 new cases were recorded, including 19 people in the cough and fever cluster, 14 people related to Ho Chi Minh City.

Thus, from April 29 until now, Hanoi has recorded 2,836 cases of infection (excluding the number of cases at the central hospital), of which 1,481 cases are in the community, 1,355 cases are in quarantine areas.

Test sample tray at the Hanoi Center for Disease Control on August 18.

In Nghe An, more than 272,000 people in 25 wards and communes of Vinh City were sampled and quickly tested for Covid-19.

On the afternoon of August 26, the Nghe An Department of Health announced that 12 wards and communes are at high risk of Covid-19 including Vinh Tan, Le Mao, Hong Son, Quan Bau, Hung Binh, Cua Nam, Le Loi, Dong wards.

During the testing process, 4 of these samples were initially positive for Covid-19.

The remaining 13 wards and communes include Truong Thi, Doi Cung, Quang Trung, Hung Phuc, Ha Huy Tap, Ben Thuy, Hung Dung, Nghi An, Nghi Phu, Hung Chinh, Hung Loc, Nghi Lien, Hung Hoa communes within the area.

The total number of people sampled for PCR and rapid testing across the city reached 83%.

Leaders of the Nghe An Department of Health said that to carry out the screening campaign, the health sector has mobilized 970 people along with 152 Ha Tinh province health staff to support sample collection in recent days.

`Wide-scale screening of F0 in the community for Vinh city is very necessary due to the continuous increase in infections in the area in recent days,` said the leader of the Department of Health.

Vinh City applied Directive 16 from 0:00 on August 17 after recording 6 cases of infection in the community.

From June 13 until now, Nghe An has 1,127 people infected and suspected of being infected with Covid-19.

Quang Binh recorded 118 suspected Covid-19 cases in 24 hours

People in Hung Dong commune, Vinh city lined up waiting for their turn to take samples for Covid-19 testing, on the night of August 25.

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