Questions from Americans leave tourists ‘speechless’

Questions from Americans leave tourists 'speechless' 1
Questions from Americans leave tourists 'speechless' 1

On Reddit recently, a user asked: `What is the weirdest question Americans have asked you?`, and 12,000 people responded.

Some American tourists believe that Spain is located in… Cuba.

A Danish tourist whose account is Vertebare Viking told about his unforgettable memories when coming to America.

US Customs: Where are you from?

Viking: I’m from Denmark

Customs: Please do not lie about your nationality!

Viking: What?

Customs: Denmark is not a country.

Viking: Sir, you are holding my passport, it is Danish.

Customs: Sir, Denmark is a region of Sweden, and not a recognized independent country.

`God, the Swedes sure love hearing this conversation,` Viking lamented.

Heiminator, a German, recounted his memories with guests from San Francisco: `We had a welcoming party for American friends when they came to Germany. A friend of mine had a dog, and sometimes

`American guests even asked me if Hitler was still alive when they found out I was German,` another person recounted.

`I live in the Southern Hemisphere. When talking to an American online in December, I told her it was summer where I lived. And she kept asking me what month it was where I lived.

`When they learned that I was Swedish, an American tourist asked me: is there an IKEA store in your country (the world’s largest furniture retailer)? My God, IKEA is Swedish.`

`They told me Canada is part of America. Oh my God,` a tourist from Canada told his story.

`On learning that I was French, an American asked if France was part of the United Kingdom. When I tried to explain to him what the United Kingdom was, he immediately told me that England is now

`I didn’t think it was this cold in Cuba` is the saying of an American guy who lamented to the locals when arriving in… Spain.

`As a British person, I really want to bite my tongue when an American guy asks if we celebrate America’s Independence Day,` a British person shared.

Questions from Americans leave tourists 'speechless'

`Is England located in London? Do British people still ride horses around Europe?` was a `tricky` question that an American tourist asked when coming to England.

And you, have you ever encountered a funny question from a tourist?

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