RAID Task Force – Iron Fist at EURO 2016

RAID Task Force - Iron Fist at EURO 2016 4
RAID Task Force - Iron Fist at EURO 2016 4

Along with other forces of the police and army of the host country France, the RAID task force is receiving a lot of attention when participating in ensuring security at EURO 2016.

With their intelligence and high combat ability, the special task force of the French national police is considered an `iron fist` at the EURO 2016 finals, and is also a reliable bodyguard for the teams participating in this year’s EURO.

Some details about RAID

Established in June 1985, RAID (an acronym for 4 French words: Recherche, Assistance, Intervention, Dissuasion meaning Research, Support, Intervention and Prevention) is headquartered in the Bièvres, Essonne area (

In addition, RAID is also the spearhead of the French police in rescuing hostages or participating in protecting foreign heads of state visiting France on official business.

RAID participates in protecting EURO 2016.

Specifically, RAID intervened and successfully resolved a daring hostage kidnapping at a preschool in the Neuilly-sur-Seine area (a suburb of Paris) on May 15, 1993.

In addition, RAID was also a key force of the French police participating in the raid to destroy terrorists and rescue hostages at the Bataclan theater (Paris) on November 14, 2015.

It is also important to see that members of the elite task force are trained quite methodically and professionally to respond to the specifics of the job.

After selection, candidates continue to participate in a 9-month intense training course to enhance physical endurance and high mental concentration.

RAID Task Force - Iron Fist at EURO 2016

RAID, the elite special forces team of the French police.

In addition, they regularly participate in practice in simulated hostage rescue situations.

As an elite special forces team, RAID is equipped with the best weapons and equipment.

In addition to the Glock 19 pistol, a line of semi-automatic pistols with light weight and fast rate of fire, RAID members also use a number of other guns such as the Sig Sauer SG551 assault rifle, and extremely short submachine guns.

At the same time, RAID is also equipped with state-of-the-art communications equipment, bulletproof armor, and armored vehicles.

Reliable `bodyguard` for football teams

As assessed by a senior French security official, RAID will be an `iron fist` to counter terrorists during this year’s EURO matches.

Each team participating in EURO 2016 has at least 2 officers from the RAID task force accompanying them to ensure security at accommodation as well as when traveling to practice or compete.

In addition, RAID officers also coordinate with other forces to develop protection plans for the coaching staff as well as players before and after each match.

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