Real estate prices increased sharply

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Real estate prices increased sharply 4
Real estate prices increased sharply 4

Cushman & Wakefield’s land-based real estate market report said that the average primary selling price (investors offering for the first time) of the townhouse and villa segments in Ho Chi Minh City in the second quarter respectively recorded more than

According to Cushman & Wakefield, the average asking price of houses attached to land in Ho Chi Minh City in the second quarter increased by 25% compared to the first quarter of the year.

Meanwhile, DKRA Vietnam’s report also said that the market for townhouses and villas in new projects opened for sale in the second quarter in Ho Chi Minh City recorded a new price level of VND 700 billion per unit.

Price fluctuations are said to include sales policies with many incentives, discounts, interest rate supports… which are included in the price by the investor.

A project offering real estate for sale in Thu Duc City in the second quarter.

Ms. Trang Bui, CEO of Cushman & Wakefield explained that townhouses are a high-value asset group, the number of which are being opened for sale is gradually limited over time as Ho Chi Minh City plans to develop high-rise buildings in the next decade.

CEO Cushman & Wakefield confirmed that the total value of land-based real estate is quite large, up to tens or even hundreds of billions of dong per product.

Not only are land-based real estate in projects offered for sale for the first time on the primary market increasing in price, retail townhouses in existing residential areas also show signs of price increases on online real estate markets.

Mr. Nguyen Loc Hanh, General Director of Ngoc Asia Company, commented that with the impact of obvious inflation recently, the asking price of real estate attached to land on the primary market (investors launching goods

Meanwhile, according to the deputy general director of a real estate company distributing projects in Thu Duc City, although primary prices skyrocketed, the selling price of townhouses in the second quarter had slight fluctuations in the secondary market.

Accordingly, if people buy a townhouse with their own capital and accumulated money, it is likely that the property value will continue to remain high because this is a long-term and quite sustainable investment.

In the last two months, the townhouse market began to appear in cases where secondary investors needed cash but secondary market liquidity was weak.

`Sale transactions that are lower than expected prices are just a phenomenon where the seller has reduced a portion of his profit. Because, over the years, real estate prices have experienced many consecutive hot waves, and the reduction in profits has not yet penetrated.

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