Revealing the US-North Korea Summit agenda

Revealing the US-North Korea Summit agenda 0
Revealing the US-North Korea Summit agenda 0

After the US President announced to hold the US-North Korea Summit in Singapore on June 12.

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Immediately after President Trump set the time and place to meet Leader Kim Jong-un, the White House held a press conference to answer questions related to this historic event.

Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director of Strategic Analysis of the White House National Security Committee, Victoria Coates, in an interview with journalists at the White House Press Office press conference, said,

Ms. Victoria Coates emphasized that it is `possible` that some world leaders including Chinese President Xi Jinping and South Korean President Moon Jae-in will also appear at the summit between President Trump and

In addition, this senior White House official also revealed that President Trump’s goal is very clear, that is, North Korea’s denuclearization must be `irreversible, verifiable and

Furthermore, if these US goals can be achieved before the meeting with Leader Kim Jong-un, it will indeed help improve the odds of success in the summit between the two countries.

However, currently the US has not yet set the preconditions for this summit.

Commenting on the agenda and expected results of the upcoming meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim, some experts on US-North Korea relations said that the main focus is on denuclearization and the nuclear program.

Senior expert on North Korea at the US Institute of Peace, Frank Aum, assessed that at the summit on June 12, the two US and North Korean leaders are likely to reach a clear agreement on denuclearization.

Meanwhile, Mr. Robert Manning, senior researcher at the Atlantic Council advisory group, said that it is possible that the US-North Korea summit will be successful in principle.

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