Sell your assets, take your children on a bicycle trip

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Sell your assets, take your children on a bicycle trip 3
Sell your assets, take your children on a bicycle trip 3

After the holiday of April 30 – May 1, the family of 4 people and a dog of Mr. Pham Quoc Tuan (36 years old) and Ms. Bui Thuy (30 years old) in Vung Tau departed for a `homeless` trip.

Their trip started from Long Hai sea with the first destination being Tien stream in Tan Hai commune, Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria Vung Tau province.

The family’s journey had no destination, most of the places were recommended by the couple’s friends and relatives as places where their children could have fun and study, such as farms, orchards, along streams, and lakes.

Mr. Tuan’s car was equipped with a trailer to carry more luggage.

Mr. Tuan shared that during previous Covid-19 lockdowns, when his children stayed at home with their parents instead of going to school, he realized that it was easy for them to learn their parents’ bad habits like sitting for hours.

In particular, after a financial incident, Mr. Tuan realized he needed to change his life to enjoy happiness and discover many new things, instead of being caught up in the whirlwind of work, making money and wasting time.

Ms. Thuy said, this is also what she realized after many years of `getting around` as a preschool teacher, working 8 hours a day.

`Personally, I find that letting my children study freely at home and do what they like is better than waking up every morning at 7 a.m. to go to school and study according to a schedule even if I don’t know if they can absorb it or not.

For more than a year, Mr. Tuan and his wife have let their children practice by going on bicycle trips to explore nature and meet friends in all regions.

Sell your assets, take your children on a bicycle trip

Instead of teaching their children by imposing them like before, they become `big friends` to listen and let their children choose what they like.

During the trip, they realized that their children learned many skills such as being more confident when meeting strangers, being able to climb mountains, play soccer, and especially having a childhood that not all city children have like those in the city.

Sell your assets, take your children on a bicycle trip

Trip to Long Hai beach, Vung Tau in 2020. Mr. Tuan and Ms. Thuy noticed that after a year, both babies turned black but in return were very strong and healthy.

`Teaching children is also an opportunity for parents to correct themselves. Before, I had a lot of fears like sleeping on the street or cycling over mountain passes, but once I got over it, I found that everything was not so terrible.

Mr. Tuan and Ms. Thuy said that although many people judge their way of living and raising children, their family and friends always support them.

Her family currently has no plans to return to their previous life, but if their child likes it and chooses to study at school, they will accommodate.

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