Seven years to buy four houses in Saigon

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Seven years to buy four houses in Saigon 17
Seven years to buy four houses in Saigon 17

My husband and I studied in the same university class and have known each other since our senior year. We got married 4 years after graduating. We got married at the end of 2013. At that time, I had a yearly savings of 50 million VND.

His family is in trouble so he doesn’t have much money.

My husband’s salary at that time was about 40 million VND, mine was 14 million VND.

>> The reason many people starve themselves is to try to buy a house

Around the same time, my husband’s cousin kindly lent me and my husband money to buy a house.

We bought a small house 3x8m, 2 floors, priced at 790 million, but has 4 rooms for all members of my husband’s family to live in and have determined that this house is for my husband’s parents.

In October 2015, I gave birth to my first baby boy.

For furniture that costs about 100 million, we use a credit card and buy it in 0% interest installments, paying it off over a year.

In April 2018, I gave birth to my second baby girl and at that time my husband and I saved about 600 million. At that time, my husband went looking for a house to buy. My husband bought a small house 3x5m, one floor, priced at 620 million.

My husband and I planned to buy it and resell it if we got a good price, but this small house is really difficult to sell, so we still rent it out for about 2.7 million VND a month.

>> Four years of paying off home debt thanks to diversifying income sources

My husband and I bought two new motorbikes for more than 100 million and also bought them in installments with 0% interest paid in one year.

My husband got an unsecured loan of 800 million VND with a decreasing interest rate of 13%/year to be paid over 4 years and I borrowed another 350 million from my mother, so my husband and I bought that house.

Currently, renting is 4.5 million a month.

With our current salary, each year my husband and I have about 500 million left over, so in about 3 years we will be able to pay off all our debt.

Hopefully by 2027 we will have the house of our dreams.

>> The article does not necessarily coincide with’s views.

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