‘Social isolation to effectively trace F0’

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'Social isolation to effectively trace F0' 9
'Social isolation to effectively trace F0' 9

Regarding the information `Vietnam has entered the F0 phase of losing track`, many VnExpress readers believe that the current social isolation measure is the right solution to trace the source of infection:

In my opinion, the social isolation measures that the whole country is implementing will really be effective.

The assessment that the possibility of losing F0 exists in Bach Mai is not unfounded.

The fact that the epidemic prevention and control department has tried to trace F0, F1, F2… in recent times is remarkable.

I also felt this when looking at the infection diagram at Bach Mai hospital.

Meanwhile, many opinions also believe that it is necessary to further improve the level of anti-epidemic measures to quickly find F0 and stop the source of infection in society:

The government should be more forceful, the people should be more united.

If necessary, apply thorough social isolation, independently of 64 provinces and cities.

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