Songkran water festival of Thai people

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Songkran water festival of Thai people 2
Songkran water festival of Thai people 2

Songkran is a Sanskrit word that means movement, referring to the period when the sun moves from the zodiac sign Pisces to Aries, the cycle that begins the new year according to the Thai calendar.

April 13 is called Wan Maha Songkran, the day the sun moves to the sign of Aries, and is the last day of the old year.

The Songkran water ceremony is an important tradition for Thai people, meaning to wash away all bad omens and welcome a good new year.

Although celebrated across the country, the Songkran festival is a bit different in different regions of Thailand.

For the Isaan region (Northeastern Thailand), Songkran is called a religious holiday, celebrating the 5th month because according to the Thai calendar, April is the 5th month and also the beginning of the new year.

Meanwhile, in central Thailand, during the three-day Songkran holiday, people perform religious rituals, make merit through giving alms, and releasing birds and fish with the idea of washing away sins.

Songkran water festival of Thai people

Songkran festival is a little different in different regions of Thailand.

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Songkran water festival of Thai people

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Notes for visitors participating in the Songkran Water Splashing Ceremony:

1. Neat, simple, popular clothing is dark T-shirts and shorts.

2. When carrying electronic devices and identification documents, they should be kept in a sealed plastic bag or brought with a waterproof device, or preferably left at the hotel.

3. Prepare `weapons` to make the water war more interesting such as water guns…

4. Popular locations of `water wars` and side activities:

Bangkok: water splashing activities at Khao San Road, Phra Athit, Rattanakosin Royal Square, Santhichaiprakan and Wisut Krasat…

Pattaya: water splashing activities throughout the streets of Pattaya, beauty and talent contest Miss Songkran.

Chiang Mai: water splashing activities on the streets of Chiang Mai, procession and bathing of the famous Buddha statue Phra Buddha Sihing, building sand pagodas, beauty contests, enjoying international delicacies along Urban Culture Street…

Phuket: water splashing activities at Soi Bangla, Patong beach, flower boat parade, Little Songkran beauty contest…

(Source: Vietrantour)

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