Southeast Asia is wary of the impact of the Taliban’s victory

Southeast Asia is wary of the impact of the Taliban's victory 4
Southeast Asia is wary of the impact of the Taliban's victory 4

Policymakers, security officials and experts in ASEAN are wary that a Taliban victory could inspire religious extremism in the region.

`I assure the people that the police and military will not let the effects of the Afghan conflict spread,` Philippine police chief Guillermo Eleazar said last week in response to concerns about Taliban-inspired terrorism.

Muslim countries in Southeast Asia include Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei, with smaller communities scattered throughout the region, including southern Thailand and the southern Philippines.

This area is no stranger to deadly terrorist attacks by Muslim extremists.

Taliban fighters in Kabul on August 18.

Mindanao island, southern Philippines, has long been home to Muslim militants, including those affiliated with the self-proclaimed Islamic State (IS).

The island of Mindanao was also rocked by other suicide attacks.

However, following the Taliban’s victory, the Philippine National Police said last week that the situation in Mindanao `remains under control,` adding that officials will increase vigilance and increase information gathering activities.

`It is still too early to assess the impact of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan on Southeast Asia. What matters is the Taliban’s impact on ideals,` said Norshahril Saat, senior fellow at the ISEAS-Yusof Research Institute.

After taking control of the country, the Taliban said their new government would be different from 20 years ago, when the force imposed harsh laws and many restrictions on women.

The Singapore government is also taking precautions.

The chaotic situation in Afghanistan could also cause refugees to flock to Southeast Asia.

In Indonesia, the Jakarta Post published an article on August 16 stating that the immediate impact of the Taliban’s victory will be `an exodus of refugees who want to escape the forces` with many consequences, including

After taking power, the Taliban declared that hatred had ended and advised all Afghans not to feel afraid of this force.

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