‘Students love or hate Literature, it all depends on the teacher’

'Students love or hate Literature, it all depends on the teacher' 13
'Students love or hate Literature, it all depends on the teacher' 13

During elementary and middle school, my essays were sometimes `luckily` read by my teacher in class to my friends.

At that time, any essay topic from describing my favorite flower, describing a dog in the house, a cow in the field, I would take out the book Model Literature, then collect the sentences I liked into an essay.

It’s about doing homework, and studying in class isn’t any better.

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While she analyzed the text (usually poetry, essays, short stories or other literary genres), the big challenge for us was that she would ask questions and name any student who answered.

Until the 10th grade, I still did Literature according to my old habits: Digging through other people’s treasures and bringing them back to my own writing page.

Along with that advice, the teacher advised us to write a diary to practice our writing ability and improve our vocabulary.

Studying with the teacher is also extremely comfortable.

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If you don’t memorize the lesson, the teacher will give you a debt next time, or force you to repay the debt on the spot by singing a song for the whole class if the student has artistic talent.

That’s why I started to think: learning Literature is not difficult.

From my experience, I think teachers play a huge role in making students love or hate Literature.

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