Textile and garment enterprises ’emergency’ masks

Textile and garment enterprises 'emergency' masks 1
Textile and garment enterprises 'emergency' masks 1

For a week now, Ms. Toan – a sewing team employee of Hung Yen Garment Factory (belonging to Dong Xuan Knitting Company) has been transferred to the production line of antibacterial fabric masks.

Employees in the production line are giving production training at the factory in Thai Nguyen on February 6. Photo: Ngoc Thanh.

During the noon break, she and the workers in the production line all took advantage of overtime to make enough masks for the day.

A similar production line of masks from antibacterial fabric was also set up by Dong Xuan Knitting Company at its Hanoi garment factory.

Textile and garment enterprises 'emergency' masks

Female worker sewing masks from antibacterial nano fabric.

With the amount of fabric produced and supplied 7-8 tons per day, Dong Xuan Knitting and satellite companies can produce approximately 300,000 masks per day, respectively.

Two days ago, Dong Xuan’s antibacterial knitted fabric was delivered to Nam Dinh Textile and Garment Joint Stock Corporation (Natexco) and Nam Dinh Garment Joint Stock Company (Nagaco) and partly to Hung Yen Garment Corporation.

To make new products such as masks, Vinatex and its member units have to rearrange sewing lines, train workers on techniques, as well as transfer designs to units within the group.

Originally an export garment enterprise, specializing in fashion with more than 12 factories and 2,000 workers, TNG Investment & Trading Joint Stock Company (Thai Nguyen) also recently came to the rescue when participating in production.

Mr. Nguyen Van Thoi – Chairman of TNG said that the antibacterial nano mask model was implemented in just 3 days from designing and applying for standards from the Ministry of Health.

`For the past three days, the amount of raw materials used to produce clothes has been prioritized to make masks. TNG’s factories have prioritized production lines for this item to serve the market,` Mr. Thoi shared.

Textile and garment enterprises 'emergency' masks

The artist draws the details and size of the mask on each piece of fabric and then puts it into the cutting machine.

Currently, the factory must increase working hours and mobilize maximum workers to produce 20,000 units per day.

Raw materials are a concern for many businesses specializing in mask production, because most are imported.

According to Mr. Bui The Kich – General Director of Dong Nai Garment Corporation, this enterprise is increasing its antibacterial nonwoven fabric capacity to maximum capacity, with about 10 – 15 tons of fabric produced per day.

With specialized sewing machines, 6,000 pieces can be produced per hour.

`We are working every hour to improve productivity, so after stabilization, we will research to serve orders in other epidemic areas if there is a need,` Mr. Viet emphasized.

Mr. Truong Thanh Hoai – Director of the Department of Industry (Ministry of Industry and Trade) said that to produce 10 million antibacterial fabric masks per day as recommended by the Ministry of Health, 400 tons of antibacterial fabric and textile enterprises are needed.

On February 6, a representative of the Ministry of Health advised that it is not necessary to use medical masks to prevent nCoV epidemic.

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