‘That’ of men and women over time

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'That' of men and women over time 4
'That' of men and women over time 4

`I don’t remember the last time we had sex. So I find myself wanting it quite often,` says Leena Nair, PR executive.

According to Dr. Duru Shah – a gynecologist in Mumbai – Leena’s case is very consistent with research conducted by Petth Now, which shows that more than 85% of women in their 30s desire more sex.

Leena blames the deterioration of her and her husband’s sex life on her husband, Mudhur, who is also busy with the same job as her.

Dr. Shah explained that the reason Madhur does not have much sexual desire is because he is like 75% of men in the survey.

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In her research, Dr. Shah also showed that women over 40 have a higher sex drive: “These are women who have adult children,` she said.

Shruti Khandelwal – a 43-year-old housewife agrees with this finding.

Sexual desire through each age

In your 20s:

– Women: Most women have regular menstrual cycles and their sexuality changes with the cycle.

– Men: At this age, sexual desire and need to be explored are the strongest.

In my 30s

– Women: This is the period when women are more likely to achieve orgasm and are more likely to get married or build a stable relationship.

– Men: With the responsibilities of being a husband, father and the stress of career development, alcohol, beer and cigarettes… men will find themselves struggling with sex.

In my 40s

– Women: Hormone levels may begin to decline, but this is the period of sexual awakening for women.

– Men: Most men have achieved success in their careers, health problems are minor and often find their sexual needs need to be restarted.

In my 50s

– Women: 50 years old may herald menopause but they are happy to be freed from the hassles of the menstrual cycle and birth control.

– Men: Will face health problems such as blood pressure, diabetes… and drugs that can cause erectile dysfunction.

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