The ‘cursed’ airport has finally opened

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The 'cursed' airport has finally opened 2
The 'cursed' airport has finally opened 2

After nearly a decade of slow progress and 4 billion euros over budget, Brandenburg airport in Berlin opened to welcome passengers right during the pandemic, on October 31.

`I can say that Berlin finally has the airport it really deserves,` said Burkhard Kieker, CEO of Visit Berlin, the city’s official tourist information center.

Brandenburg Airport opened during the pandemic, when nearly 200 other airports in Europe were at risk of bankruptcy in the next few months due to a 73% decrease in passenger traffic compared to the same period last year.

In the Schönefeld region southeast of Berlin, Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt Airport (commonly known as Brandenburg) is located on a huge 1,470 hectares of land.

At that time, the city had three airports: Tegel `Otto Lilienthal`, Schönefeld and Tempelhof.

However, the inauguration date was pushed back by 10 years, making many people frustrated when talking about the project.

Construction officially began in 2006 at an initial cost of 2.83 billion euros (equivalent to 3.1 billion USD at current exchange rates).

The opening was envisioned to be extremely grand, with an appearance by chancellor Angela Merkel having been canceled and Berlin Brandenburg Willy Brandt drawing criticism from the country’s officials.

State audits indicate airport utilization at less than 57%.

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