The custom of ‘dancing boys’ – a cover for sexual abuse in Afghanistan

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The custom of 'dancing boys' - a cover for sexual abuse in Afghanistan 0
The custom of 'dancing boys' - a cover for sexual abuse in Afghanistan 0

The custom of ‘dancing boys’ – a cover for sexual abuse in Afghanistan

During his last call home, Gregory Buckley, an American military officer stationed in southern Afghanistan, told his father that at night in the barracks, he could hear the screams of boys being tortured.

`My son said his superiors ordered him to ignore it because it was their culture,` the New York Times quoted the Marine’s father as saying, recalling a conversation between father and son right before his son died.

Sexual abuse of young children has long been common and widely accepted in this South Central Asian country.

In particular, the custom of `Bacha bazi`, which is a traditional form of entertainment in Afghanistan, has turned many teenage boys, even boys as young as 10 years old, into sex slaves for middle-aged men

Because Afghan society absolutely prohibits women and men from interacting with each other, and women are not allowed to be seen in public, `dancing boys` become a tool to entertain older men, including

The victims of this custom are usually boys from 10 to 18 years old who are orphans or poor.

“The bacha bazi suffer severe psychological trauma because they are regularly raped,” a report by the independent commission on human rights in Afghanistan commented on victims of pedophilia, “(They are)

Some boys tried to find a way to escape despite the risk of being murdered if exposed.

`How can we escape this place?` one boy told Reuters. `Where can we go? Society and family have abandoned us.`

Trapped in a vicious circle, when they are too old to be `dancing boys`, many victims become pimps who specialize in grooming and looking for pretty boys.

`I love my boss. I like to dance and play the role of a woman having fun with him. When I grow up, I will have boys of my own,` Ahmad confided to a Reuters reporter.

US military forces have been present in Afghanistan for the past 16 years in the persistent war against Taliban terrorists.

“The reason we were there was because we heard about the terrible things the Taliban were doing to the people,” special forces captain Dan Quinn said, “But we were actually putting power into the hands of

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