The enchanting beauty of Iraq’s ‘water city’

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The enchanting beauty of Iraq's 'water city' 1
The enchanting beauty of Iraq's 'water city' 1

When mentioning southern Iraq, people often immediately think of images of sweltering heat or war and conflict.

The port city of Basra is a bustling place with many ships passing through, and is a place to export goods to the Persian Gulf.

This swamp of more than 804 square kilometers was formed by the two largest rivers in the region, the Tigris and Euphrates, meandering before flowing into the Persian Gulf.

All houses and trees are submerged in water, so the main means of transportation here are homemade boats.

Houses built of reeds have the advantage of being easy to move.

The enchanting beauty of Iraq's 'water city'

This place is believed by many people to be the inspiration for sketching the image of heaven in the Bible.

Traditionally, people would build a communal Mudhif house – a place to resolve disputes, conduct diplomacy with other tribes and also serve as a gathering point for religious celebrations.

Looking down from above, any visitor will be amazed by the beauty of the swamp.

In the beliefs of indigenous people, this is where the greatest cataclysm on Earth occurred and is also where Abraham – the father of the Arabs was born.

The enchanting beauty of Iraq's 'water city'

People build houses, grow vegetables and raise livestock on their own plots of land.

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