The fear of wedding season: A friend you haven’t seen for ten years will still be invited

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The fear of wedding season: A friend you haven't seen for ten years will still be invited 29
The fear of wedding season: A friend you haven't seen for ten years will still be invited 29

The end of the year is a favorable time to hold a wedding.

However, the joy of the young couple is not the same as the joy of the guests, especially those who were invited to `sweep` relationships and actually `sick` the wallets of those who were invited.

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I’m not talking about guests who truly deserve to be invited, such as relatives and friends on both sides, close relatives, loyal friends and loyal neighbors.

I tell you the story of the wedding invitation, which to me is a ridiculous thought.

On that occasion, when I was working at a factory with more than a thousand people.

So there is a brother in charge of this role and almost everyone who comes into the company meets him.

But the special thing is that when his happy day comes, the wedding invitations are pre-printed according to the company’s personnel list (with names, departments, phone numbers), including those who have not attended the session.

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When they were invited to get married, they even held up the invitation and asked, `Who is this guy?`

At that time, I was worthy of being invited because I met him a lot at work, so I happily accepted the invitation.

Just met a new employee in the company in the morning, and in the afternoon he already had a card in hand, and he had extra cards whose names he didn’t know and had them ready in that department. If he met someone for the first time, he would immediately write down their name and give them there.

The story seems to have ended here and is considered part of the future working relationship.

In another case, I have a long-time colleague who hasn’t been in contact for more than 5 years.

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Yet, one fine day, he called incessantly, some via Viber, some via cell phone and asked: `Where are you so I can send you a card?`.

I’m not the stingy type but feel shy when accepting invitations.

And I also feel sorry for the acquaintance that now feels so bland.

It was even worse to laugh and cry when a strange number called at noon: `Mr. D?`

Before my wedding, I didn’t remember him because I had only met his brother 10 years ago and saw him laughing and smiling for fun, not close enough.

On my wedding day, I very limited invited long-distance relationships, relationships that I felt like if I invited, it would be troublesome for them because I knew for sure they wouldn’t be able to attend and they would have to transfer money.

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For close friends who live far away, I will definitely inform and invite friends who I think will be really happy to receive the card.

The wedding day was very crowded, very friendly and warm, friends were happy and  99% of the seats were full.

If you are happy, then share that happiness with everyone you know through sincere, less formal actions and don’t value money more than friendship.

Invite sincerely and affectionately, but give them the right to refuse so they can still be your friend, still someone like before the wedding took place.

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Bach Hoang Doanh

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