The museum only introduces one work

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The museum only introduces one work 3
The museum only introduces one work 3

Reader Trinh Hang, over 40 years old, Hanoi, had a two-week trip to Italy in February. She shared with VnExpress readers about her experiences.

`The Last Supper` (Il Cenacolo or L’Ultima Cena) is known to Vietnamese people as `The Last Supper` or `The Last Supper`, ranked second by CNN in the world’s most famous paintings, after

`Mona Lisa` is a small-sized portrait that followed the artist when he moved from Italy to France to live the last years of his life. It is currently the work that attracts the most attention at the Louvre Museum (Paris, France).

Tourists admire `The Last Supper`.

`The Last Supper` was born more than 500 years ago, today it has become an indispensable part of popular culture.

But not many people have the opportunity to see `The Last Supper` with their own eyes because it is very carefully preserved and tickets are limited.

From August 2023, after applying for a visa to Italy, we went to the museum’s website to find out how to buy tickets.

The ticket price to the Cenacolo Vinciano museum is 15 euros plus 9 euros for services, a total of 24 euros per person.

The museum only introduces one work

If you only visit the church, you do not need to buy a ticket.

Before arriving, we imagined that the Santa Maria delle Grazie church must be massive and splendid, and the Cenacolo Vinciano museum was full of classic works.

Not surprisingly, there is often a `Sold out` sign outside the museum and many visitors have to leave.

When entering the museum, we realized that this place only introduces one work, which is `The Last Supper`.

In fact, `The Last Supper` looks a lot lighter than the countless calendar and movie versions we’ve seen.

The museum only introduces one work

`The Last Supper` has a rather pale color because it has been around for more than 5 centuries.

This large 4.6 m x 8.8 m work is currently a priceless treasure of Italy.

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