The ‘one app has everything’ race in Vietnam

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The 'one app has everything' race in Vietnam 5
The 'one app has everything' race in Vietnam 5

At the end of July, Grab also confirmed that it was only focusing on implementing food delivery in Ho Chi Minh City.

`GrabFood is the next important development step towards the goal of becoming the first super application for daily life in Vietnam in particular and Southeast Asia in general,` the company’s announcement reads.

The ambition to become a `super application` was announced by Grab co-founder and CEO Anthony Tan in mid-July. In Singapore and Indonesia, Grab’s super application interface is in addition to booking a ride, ordering delivery, and ordering food.

Without revealing specifics, Grab Vietnam said that after 3 months of operation in Ho Chi Minh City, the food delivery service is a `revenue driving factor` for restaurant partners and drivers.

WeChat `monument`.

In addition to chatting, WeChat in China also has food delivery services, money transfer, payments, doctor appointments, reading newspapers, playing games, renewing passports, donating to charity…

Super apps are not a new idea.

WeChat was launched in 2011 with its first appearance as a messaging application, but has now become a multi-functional application from communication to purchasing, transportation, payment… In the first quarter of 2018, the application has

`Users can shop, hail a ride, book a hotel right there, while  chatting with friends,` Forbes described in an article and called on Facebook to copy it.

In Southeast Asia, Go-Jek is an outstandingly successful multi-purpose application, providing nearly 20 different services in Indonesia.

Accordingly, not only calling for a car, ordering food, ordering delivery, Indonesians also call for help going to the market, calling for house cleaning, calling for a car mechanic, calling for a massage therapist… also on this application.

`We are seeing huge traction in all of our businesses from online to offline and are close to profitability, in addition to transportation,` CEO Nadiem Makarim told Reuters last month.

The race begins

Grab is not the only name on the Vietnamese `field` that wants to become a super app.

The path that Zalo takes also has similarities with WeChat.

The common point for both of them to compete for the super app position is that it is gradually becoming an application that many Vietnamese people have to open every day on their phones.

According to technology experts, `buying time` for users to stay in the application is making money.

Grab also just launched GrabAds late last month, an advertising platform on drivers’ cars and on the app.

`We welcome brands and media partners to work with us to personalize ads, content and experiences that are fun, engaging, engaging and diverse for users,`

To make a super app, developers need a product that users have to open every day and a large enough user base.

The most promising `third person` is Go-Viet.

Starting with motorbike calling and delivery services, Go-Viet has a lot of experience to become a super application like parent company Go-Jek in Indonesia.

`With the vision of becoming the largest multi-service platform in Vietnam, we will gradually develop the ecosystem, starting with transportation and delivery connection services, before launching food delivery services.

In the group of messaging applications, there are not many signs of feasibility when Line is a successful multi-purpose application in Thailand but quietly withdrew from Vietnam with KakaoTalk a few years ago.

After the office closure, Viber has remained loyal to the strategy of a messaging application.

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