The pilot patient is healthy enough to return home

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The pilot patient is healthy enough to return home 3
The pilot patient is healthy enough to return home 3

This is the 6th national consultation with `patient 91`.

Consultation experts considered possible risks when patients are transported by air.

Professor Ngo Quy Chau, Chairman of the Vietnam Respiratory Association, and Professor Do Quyet, Director of the Military Medical Academy, commented that ‘the patient is eligible for safe transfer’.

Doctors tested the pilot patient’s leg muscles while experts from the Treatment Subcommittee visited this person.

Professor Nguyen Gia Binh, Head of the Professional Advisory Group for Care and Treatment of Severe and Critical Cases of Covid-19, also commented that patients with good contact and communication should be treated as normal patients.

Dr. Nguyen Huy Quang, Director of the Legal Department, Ministry of Health, acknowledged that the return trip `is the transfer of nCoV-negative patients. The reception in the UK is carried out in accordance with British law, while the procedures in Vietnam are

Concluding the consultation, the Treatment Subcommittee agreed that `the pilot patient meets the criteria for transfer to the hospital. The patient does not have to be quarantined, will have a sample taken for final testing and confirmed to be free of nCoV.`

To ensure legality, the Treatment Subcommittee assigned Cho Ray Hospital to closely contract with the patient receiving agency in accordance with legal and diplomatic regulations;

The same morning, Associate Professor Khue and leading experts in the field visited the patient.

Video: Pilot patient says Vietnamese people are ‘wonderful’

A representative of the Intensive Care Department, Cho Ray Hospital, said the patient is currently in good contact, sleeping well at night and breathing room air on his own.

To date, the British pilot patient, 43 years old, has undergone more than 100 days of treatment.

The recovery of the pilot patient is the result of coordination and treatment efforts of doctors from two Tropical Disease Hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City (nCoV infection stage), Cho Ray (internal medicine recovery stage),

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