The rifle for the future Russian warrior

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The rifle for the future Russian warrior 0
The rifle for the future Russian warrior 0

Russia wants to equip future warriors with AK-15 rifles

The AK-12 is the breakthrough of the Kalashnikov corporation

The Russian Ministry of Defense is choosing an infantry gun model to synchronize with the new generation of Ratnik armor for future warriors, in which the AK-12/AK-15 automatic rifle duo is competing fiercely with the Kovrov model.

Ratnik is a combination of infantry combat equipment developed by Russia to improve soldiers’ combat capabilities and connectivity on the battlefield.

However, military expert Jared Keller believes that the Ratnik program has not yet selected a modern assault rifle model to replace the standard AK-74M version of the Russian army.

The leading candidates for this weapon are the A545 and A762 rifles of the Degtyavev factory, along with the AK-12 duo equipped with 5.45×39 mm bullets and the AK-15 using 7.62×39 mm bullets of the Kalashnikov Group.

The AK-12 assault rifle has been developed by the Kalashnikov Group since 2011. The gun has a more modern look than previous versions, and parts cannot be interchanged with the AK-74M model and the AK-100 series.

The AK-12 and AK-15 models retain the traditional design of the gas injection system and rotating barrel lock, with a magazine compatible with AK-74M’s 5.45×39 mm bullets or AKM’s 7.62×39 mm bullets.

The rifle for the future Russian warrior

Actual test AK-15 rifle

Actual test AK-15 rifle

With a new safety lock, the AK-12 has 3 firing modes including single shot, series of three rounds and rapid fire.

The gun’s grip can be adjusted in length to suit the user, and can be folded to increase compactness.

The only competitors of the AK-12 are the Kovrov A545 and A762 models.

Possessing advantages in production lines, reputation, reliability and popularity of the AK brand, Kalashnikov Group will likely win this race.

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