The US increased its warships and bomber presence in the East Sea

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The US increased its warships and bomber presence in the East Sea 3
The US increased its warships and bomber presence in the East Sea 3

The South China Sea Strategic Situation Initiative (SCSPI), an organization headquartered in Beijing, said on November 3 that the US military conducted 52 reconnaissance flights over the East Sea in October, down 10 compared to the previous month.

However, the scale of other US military activities in the East Sea increased after a series of joint exercises between the US USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier strike group and the UK’s HMS Queen Elizabeth in October. SCSPI said the groups

Ngo Si Ton, director of China’s East Sea Research Institute, said the US conducted more than 500 reconnaissance flights over the East Sea this year.

The US aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson moves through the East Sea on October 30.

Expert Ngo warned that the risk of incidents between US and Chinese forces is increasing, calling on both sides to accelerate discussions on a code of conduct at sea.

`If there is another accident in the East Sea similar to what happened in 2001, it will be a disaster considering China’s current military and national power,` Mr. Ngo said on November 3, mentioning

In addition to Carl Vinson, three other aircraft carrier battle groups, USS Theodore Roosevelt, USS Nimitz and USS Ronald Reagan, and two helicopter carriers USS Makin Island and USS Essex, were dispatched to the East Sea this year.

SCSPI said the US this year deployed 14 B-52H and B-1B bombers in the East Sea and sent 11 nuclear submarines through this area, including the battleship USS Connecticut, which was damaged by colliding with a mountain.

`The US has significantly increased its military deployment in the East Sea since 2009, but this year’s activities increased sharply compared to last year,` Ho Ba, director of SCSPI, said on CCTV channel.

China unilaterally drew the `nine-dash line`, claiming unreasonable sovereignty over most of the East Sea area.

Mr. Ngo said the US and China are using more submarines and unmanned submersibles, so it is necessary to include them in the set of rules on unexpected encounters at sea.

`Establishing rules in the air, on the water and under the sea is an urgent need and needs to include conventional submarines, nuclear submarines and unmanned submersibles, otherwise unexpected accidents will occur at sea.`

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