Three big changes in college admissions 2022

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Three big changes in college admissions 2022 4
Three big changes in college admissions 2022 4

Register for admission after the high school graduation exam

The draft University Admission Regulations has just been announced by the Ministry of Education and Training, with some major changes, including the time to register for admission.

In previous years, candidates registered their admission to university at the same time as registering for the graduation exam and were adjusted after knowing their test scores.

Candidates register for admission through the Ministry’s Admissions Portal or the National Public Service Portal according to the general plan.

Candidates taking the 2021 high school graduation exam in Ho Chi Minh City.

Candidates do not confirm early admission

In recent years, universities have applied many admission methods (in addition to considering graduation exam scores).

However, this year, schools are not allowed to require candidates to confirm admission earlier than the Ministry’s general schedule, but are only allowed to announce and upload the list of candidates eligible for admission to the system before the event.

Candidates who have applied to schools using the early admission method must continue to register their wishes on the Ministry’s system;

For example, candidate A was admitted based on transcript review into the Accounting major of school B. But after taking the high school graduation exam, if A feels like another major or has the ability to be admitted to another major with good test scores.

Registering all wishes by all means on the system is expected to help reduce virtual candidates.

Candidates admitted through direct admission can confirm admission early when eligible or according to the general plan like other candidates.

Candidates will not receive regional priority points if re-admitted

This year, the Ministry of Education and Training plans to keep the regional priority bonus score unchanged.

However, the draft introduces a new point: adding regional priority only applies to the year candidates graduate from high school.

Regarding priority points according to policy subjects such as ethnic minorities and people with disabilities, the Ministry still maintains the plus points from 1 to 2, depending on the subject, and does not depend on the year the candidate graduated like for advantage points.

Priority scores are specified corresponding to the total score of three subjects (in the combination of admission subjects) on a 10-point scale for each exam subject (no multiplication coefficient).

The above new points will take effect when the Ministry issues admission regulations for 2022, expected in June. The draft regulations are currently published by the Ministry of Education and Training for comments.

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