Treat disc herniation with physical therapy

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Treat disc herniation with physical therapy 6
Treat disc herniation with physical therapy 6

Doctor Do Thi Hong Anh, Department of Rehabilitation, Tam Anh General Hospital System, said physical therapy is one of the effective methods of treating disc herniation.

Below are some physical therapy methods used in the treatment of disc herniation.

Deep tissue massage

This method reduces muscle spasm and tension, increases movement in herniated joints, helping them function more flexibly.

Hot – cold therapy

This is a method of heat and cold therapy.

Herniated disc causes pain to the patient.

Therapy with electricity

A light electric current will be transmitted to the painful swelling site and produce reactions such as inhibiting the transmission of pain sensations to the brain to help reduce pain, stimulating the release of endogenous morphine in the brain, reducing muscle contractions and relaxation.

Shortwave: Enhances circulation in deep tissues, thereby increasing nutrients to damaged sites and eliminating inflammatory antibodies.

Ultrasound: Stimulates cell membranes to vibrate, enhances membrane activity, promotes local circulation and nutrition, and effectively reduces pain and inflammation.

Electrical stimulation: This method is applied when the patient has acute pain and muscle spasms.

Laser: High-intensity laser therapy effectively reduces pain and numbness, and stimulates tissue regeneration.

Treat disc herniation with physical therapy

Doctor Hong Anh performs electrotherapy to relieve pain caused by disc herniation.

Stretches and relieves spinal pressure

This treatment method helps the disc develop better because there is no longer pressure on the vertebrae, supports balance and releases nerves, ligaments, tendons and muscles, prevents sequelae, and restores the position of the spine.

Movement exercises

Core muscles are responsible for supporting the activities of the spine. If this muscle is weak, it will increase pressure on the back muscles.

Doctor Hong Anh recommends that in order for physical therapy exercises to be effective in reducing pain and improving disc herniation, patients need to follow the doctor’s instructions exactly.

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