Trucking profession and licensing past and present

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Trucking profession and licensing past and present 16
Trucking profession and licensing past and present 16

From 2000 onwards, the law stipulates that a B1 license can drive a car with less than 9 seats or a load of less than 1 ton, a B2 with less than 16 seats or a load of less than 2 tons, a C license of less than 40 seats or a load of less than 5 tons, and a D of less than 60 seats.

To upgrade your license, you must have the corresponding license and a minimum of 3 years of continuous driving of that type of vehicle.

Thus, from B1 to F degree, it takes 15 years.

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Back then, there was much less traffic than there is now. To become a `regular` driver, you had to work as a driver’s assistant since you finished 9th grade or go to intermediate driving school (you will naturally be granted a C license upon graduation).

Economic development, more vehicles, and strict `licensing` conditions of the old law cause the country to have a serious shortage of drivers with E and F licenses. Drivers with these licenses are naturally considered `old drivers`.

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The truck driving profession is also different from other vehicle drivers.

With the distance between two delivery points hundreds to thousands of kilometers long, drivers have plenty of time to calculate.

In the past, there were always two people driving a truck, a main driver and a co-driver (the co-driver knew how to drive, knew the rules but did not understand vehicle techniques).

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Nowadays, when hiring two talents, the salary is low and no one wants to work, so there is only one talent.

To run at night, they have to sleep during the day and often they drink a few glasses of beer or wine to help them sleep.

I agree that the salary of a container truck driver is very high, but can a high salary compensate for health?


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