Ukraine may become disillusioned with the US ‘tank killer’

Ukraine may become disillusioned with the US 'tank killer' 0
Ukraine may become disillusioned with the US 'tank killer' 0

US soldiers train with Javelin missiles.

`I welcome the benefits, both domestic and foreign, from the supply of Javelin anti-tank missile systems to Ukraine. I can confirm that this long-awaited weapon has arrived in Ukraine and will help strengthen

This Javelin anti-tank missile supply deal is the first time the US has sold lethal weapons to Ukraine since Russia annexed the Crimea peninsula in 2014. Washington previously avoided providing modern anti-personnel weapons to Kiev, due to

Mr. Poroshenko’s statement shows that the Ukrainian army has high hopes for Javelin missiles, a weapon considered one of the most dangerous `tank killers` in the world, capable of defeating many types of tanks produced by

FGM-148 Javelin is a self-guided shoulder-mounted anti-tank missile that has been in service with the US since 1996, equipped with dual armor-piercing concave warheads (HEAT) capable of penetrating the roof, side and tail of battle tanks.

Many people expect this type of missile to help Ukraine turn the tide of battle in the east, where government troops are fighting pro-Russian separatist forces.

Ukraine may become disillusioned with the US 'tank killer'

Fighting area (dark yellow) between government troops and separatists in eastern Ukraine.

However, military expert Mark Sleboda believes that those who have high hopes for the Javelin missile may soon be disillusioned, because this weapon does not help change the situation on the battlefield in Eastern Ukraine.

`Ukraine ordered 37 launchers and 210 shells with a total value of 47 million USD. However, tanks have not been used in the Eastern Ukraine battlefield for three years. The losses of both sides mainly came from snipers

The US’s agreement to sell Javelin missiles to Ukraine also risks escalating tensions with Russia.

Ukraine may become disillusioned with the US 'tank killer'

The US ‘tank killer’ is unlikely to change Ukraine’s military balance

Javelin missile during US live fire training.

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA), the organization that coordinates US arms sales to foreign countries, also shares the same opinion.

The separatist movement in Eastern Ukraine has flared up since 2014, with protests escalating into armed violence in Donetsk and Luhansk provinces against President Poroshenko’s government.

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