University and college exams can be waived

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University and college exams can be waived 7
University and college exams can be waived 7

The Ministry of Education and Training has just announced the latest draft of the project `Fundamental and comprehensive innovation of education and training`.

Acknowledging the shortcomings and weaknesses of the industry, the quality of education is still low compared to the requirements of socio-economic development, but the drafting committee recommends maintaining the 12-year general education system like most countries.

High school graduation exams and university and college entrance exams are said to be still cumbersome, heavy, expensive, ineffective, causing frustration for society;

Mr. Bui Manh Nhi, Director of Personnel Organization Department (Ministry of Education and Training), standing member of the project drafting committee, said that graduation exams and university and college admission exams in Vietnam are still outdated from objectives to content and methods.

Therefore, the project drafting committee proposed reforming exams, graduation recognition and university and college admission.

The final exam (graduation exam) will require the synthesis of knowledge and skills from many fields and subjects to solve a common problem in two major fields: social sciences, humanities and social sciences.

`Universities and colleges will organize admission based on the results of high school graduation recognition and may test a few additional subjects or topics according to the training requirements of each major and each school.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Vinh Hien said education will innovate from the design of textbook program content to teaching and examination methods.

Deputy Minister Nguyen Vinh Hien analyzed that, in theory, the project to fundamentally and comprehensively reform education must come first and then the project to reform the textbook program.

`The current curriculum is overloaded not because of too much or too advanced knowledge. The reason is because there is currently only one set of textbooks. If the writer wants to ensure scientificity, the presentation of subjects must be rigorous and logical, so a

On the other hand, the program is cut into pieces, the upper and lower classes and between subjects are not connected, so part of the knowledge is redundant.

`The program design is causing overload. Factors such as lack of facilities, little practicality, limited capacity of teachers, and outdated teaching methods also make learning more difficult. In the project

Thus, after 2015, the education sector will only choose a number of basic, practical, and close-to-life subjects to build capacity and help students solve problems and situations in daily life.

School level

Current program

Program after 2015


11 subjects + 3 activities

3 – 6 subjects + 4 activities

Secondary school

13 subjects + 4 activities

8 subjects + 4 activities

High school

13 subjects + 5 activities

3 compulsory subjects, 3 elective subjects and 4 activities (grades 11 and 12).

Deputy Minister Hien said that in the current flexible conditions, the Ministry will promote autonomy, hand over power to educational institutions and only supervise and manage the state.

“In a broad sense, the entire project is a management innovation.

Hoang Thuy

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