Vietnam tourism needs ‘remembering’ products

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Vietnam tourism needs 'remembering' products 2
Vietnam tourism needs 'remembering' products 2

Vietnam has four advantages: nature, culture, cuisine and people, but still struggles to choose the strongest product to develop and promote.

`We have not satisfied tourists, despite possessing great awards for luxury tourism, international-class resorts, and the world’s leading hotel brands. When looking at Thailand, just remember

Trang An (Ninh Binh) is Vietnam’s first mixed world heritage site recognized by UNESCO.

Vietnam is one of the few countries with dozens of heritage sites recognized by UNESCO, in addition to more than 40,000 landscapes, including more than 3,000 national-level relics and 5,000 provincial-level relics.

`Heritage is a precious resource that attracts international and domestic tourists. When mentioning Vietnam, we immediately think of heritage,` Mr. Ha said.

During the information session on the plan to open international tourism, General Director of Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, Nguyen Trung Khanh, also said: `Product quality is a core issue to increase Vietnam’s competitiveness.

Mr. Doan Manh Phuoc, Director of Outbox Tourism Destination Research and Development Consulting Company, said that what is strategic and requires high expertise is that Vietnamese tourism needs a brand positioning and

`Each country has its own characteristics, strengths and attractions for tourists. In order for the brand to stand out, I believe that Vietnamese tourism needs to learn from other countries, or inland, Da Nang.`

Creating a Vietnamese tourism brand stops at the surface of the logo and slogan.

`To be frank, Vietnam has never had a clear, focused and strategic tourism brand, the way other national destinations in the region have been doing,` Mr. Phuoc said.

Vietnam tourism needs 'remembering' products

Mr. Pham Ha, Chairman of Lux Group, said that heritage can be a suggestion for Vietnamese tourism to focus on promoting.

It is also important to promote communication to influence tourist awareness, including international media channels such as CNN, BBC… According to Mr. Ha, it is impossible to develop products from heritage.

`The market is changing every day, we will have to be ready for new requests from tourists, in terms of communication, products and service quality. We cannot just rely on the country’s available potential.

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