‘Want to meet you’: A timeless love story

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'Want to meet you': A timeless love story 1
'Want to meet you': A timeless love story 1

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Trailer `Someday or One Day`

Trailer `Want to meet you` (Someday or Oneday) – premiered on February 10.

The work is based on the Taiwanese series Someday or Oneday (2019), which was a hit.

One day, Hoang Vu Huyen realized that Ly Tu Duy had passed away after saving her life seven years ago. All this time she had only lived in an illusion.

'Want to meet you': A timeless love story

Poster `Someday or Oneday`.

Someday or Oneday is a beautiful love song that transcends space and time.

The relationships between many of the characters remain unchanged from the TV series.

Many years have passed, Mac Tuan Kiet – Ly Tu Duy’s close friend, is still in love with Tran Van Nhu.

The trio Hua Quang Han, Kha Giai Yen and Thi Ba Vu continued to have successful performances.

Not only impressing with his appearance, Hua Quang Han brought soul to the role of Ly Tu Duy with his flexible acting style, sharply portraying the character’s emotions from happiness to extreme suffering when losing the person he loves.

On film groups, the interaction between Kha Giai Yen and Hua Quang Han received a `rain` of compliments.

'Want to meet you': A timeless love story

Song `Miss You 3000`

Some scenes from the 2019 television version, on the background of the song `Miss You 3000` by 831, translated by Youtube Kleine Herfst.

The two songs Last Dance by Ngu Bach and Miss You 3000 by 831 are used throughout the work.

The film’s message is about facing trauma and learning to let go of the past.

The work also emphasizes the beauty of love.

Although the story is different from the TV version, the characters and their personalities remain the same.

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