What is the future of the tourism industry under Joe Biden?

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What is the future of the tourism industry under Joe Biden? 2
What is the future of the tourism industry under Joe Biden? 2

The devastation caused by Covid-19 has left airlines, travel companies, cruise lines, hotels, car rental businesses, restaurants, tourist attractions and other industry suppliers on the brink of bankruptcy.

In a most recent report, Forbes said that according to the World Travel & Tourism Council, the global tourism industry lost 174 million jobs in 2020 if travel and quarantine restrictions continued.

Joe Biden likes to travel by train.

`The US Tourism Industry congratulates President-elect Joe Biden on his victory. We applaud the President-elect’s goal to help the industries hardest hit by the pandemic. The travel industry accounts for more than

According to Forbes, there are many similarities between leaders Trump and Biden when it comes to the tourism industry.

Trump banned flights to and from China when he first realized Covid-19 was affecting the United States.

Biden has regularly traveled by rail for decades.

What is the future of the tourism industry under Joe Biden?

In his plan, Biden once recognized that infrastructure is not only material, but also interaction with people such as child care… Photo: CNN

His `clean energy` plan also mentions transportation.

But according to Henry Harteveldt, co-founder of tourism research and consulting company Atmosphere Research, the only important thing right now for the tourism industry is to control the pandemic.

Brett Snyder, owner of the aviation blog Cranky Flier, agrees.

Tori Emerson Barnes, executive vice president of public affairs and policy for the U.S. Travel Association, said the Biden administration will be interested in mending international relations in its decision to open the border with

Barnes also believes that visa issues for tourists wanting to travel to the US will be easier under Biden.

Sara Nelson, president of the Association of Flight Attendants (CWA) said the key is getting the stimulus package.

When asked about the psychological impact that the US presidential election will have on tourists, whether tourists will travel depending on who is president or not, Nelson was optimistic.

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