What will the US economy be like under Donald Trump?

What will the US economy be like under Donald Trump? 4
What will the US economy be like under Donald Trump? 4

The economic impact of Donald Trump as President could be huge, both for the United States and globally.

Mr. Trump will not be President until early 2017. Therefore, it is difficult for the market to predict and bet on policy changes.

The market situation could cause damage to the US and global economies.

Besides, Mr. Trump’s policy platform may be stimulus in the medium term.

Mr. Donald Trump will take office in January next year.

Under President Obama, both public spending and borrowing decreased as a ratio to GDP.

However, the Fed’s role in the economy may be threatened.

Other policy changes will also have an impact on the distribution of economic outcomes.

Illegal immigrants and their families will also suffer more impacts under Mr. Trump than under President Obama.

Regarding trade, Mr. Trump wants to renegotiate the free trade agreement with Mexico and Canada.

Trump’s goal is to narrow the trade deficit and bring manufacturing jobs back to America.

Therefore, if negotiations fail, Trump can unilaterally impose trade restrictions.

Other policy changes are also difficult to predict.

Mr. Trump pledged to reduce regulatory controls, but it is difficult to predict how he will react to important economic trends, such as mergers and acquisitions in American industries.

Some industries, like shale oil companies, may be freer under Mr. Trump.

Besides, Mr. Trump will control the most powerful military in the world.

Even if Mr. Trump does not put the United States and the world into conflict or recession, the effects on the global growth trajectory could be huge.

Developing countries will find it difficult to use trade to boost growth and to send immigrants to rich countries.

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