When should children start learning foreign languages?

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When should children start learning foreign languages? 4
When should children start learning foreign languages? 4

Unlike adults, children can learn any language they regularly hear and interact with in life.

At the age of learning to speak, learning to speak languages is no different from learning to crawl, learn to walk, learn to play with toys… Children will chat with their American father in English and communicate with their Vietnamese mother in Vietnamese without confusion.

There are also many children who can speak their mother tongue, then learn a foreign language like children in Vietnamese parents’ families and go to kindergarten at bilingual schools or even schools that speak entirely English.

Children will continue to perfect both languages as they grow and learn, while communicating and learning thousands of new words each semester at more complex levels through subjects, without stopping.

Children should learn foreign languages as early as possible.

But children 13-14 years old or older who are just starting to learn English will never have the opportunity to reach an English level equivalent to that of a native speaker. Even if they try their best, they can only reach that level.

Starting to learn a foreign language in their teens, children can quickly grasp the rules of English grammar, but often speak and write incorrectly.

Because they start learning foreign languages late, children lack the process of accumulating English along the cognitive development process in some subjects in English.

To overcome this drawback and help children confidently study at the university or higher level in an English environment, parents should guide their children to read books or learn some scientific content that they like completely in English when they study.

Effective subjects that children can use to learn in English are Mathematics, Physics, Geography, World History and even Economics and Finance subjects built for students of all ages.


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