Why are Japanese fruits incredibly expensive?

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Why are Japanese fruits incredibly expensive? 2
Why are Japanese fruits incredibly expensive? 2

A few days ago, a pair of melons grown in Hokkaido (Japan) just set a record with a selling price of 3.2 million yen (more than 665 million VND).

Or the most expensive bunch of grapes in this country’s history is the Ruby Roman bunch sold in July 2017 for more than 9,700 USD (about 221 million VND).

A premium fruit store in Tokyo.

At the country’s largest chain of premium fruit stores, Sembikiya, on average you have to spend 5 USD to buy a strawberry, 19 USD for a pear, 24 USD for an apple and 125 USD for a cantaloupe.

`Does the world need to buy a pair of melons for the price of a car?`, writer Bianca Bosker of the electronic magazine Slate (USA) asked some Japanese people.

Japanese fruits have high prices and reach unimaginable levels thanks to the convergence of tangible reasons such as varieties, meticulous cultivation and care, to intangible reasons, influenced by the culture of auctions and gifts.

From a farming perspective, producing premium fruit is a very sophisticated process.

The melon vines will be hung by strings on the trellis so that they do not fall and are at the same height.

`I believe this is the most intensive method of all the melon farms across Japan. We call it the Shizuoka method,` farmer Masaomi Suzuki told the BBC.

Why are Japanese fruits incredibly expensive?

Canh sold a pair of melons for $29,300 on May 26 in Sapporo.

When it comes to harvest, the first fruit of the season is always the most valuable.

Japanese history professor Eric Rath and author of the book `Japan’s Cuisines` said this practice dates back to the Tokugawa period.

The tradition is continued today, with agricultural product auctions at wholesale markets and a series of customers who are wealthy guests, people with status and prestige in society;

Last year, the owner of the most expensive bunch of grapes was the owner of a tourist hot mineral spring.

* Auction of a bunch of grapes for more than 9,700 USD in 2017

Why are Japanese fruits incredibly expensive?

More than 220 million VND for a bunch of Japanese grapes

Super expensive fish, melons, and bunches of grapes are often displayed for a while to attract people to visit and accidentally learn more about the brand.

`I want to set a record by buying it at any price,` Shinya Noda said the purpose of buying the pair of melons was to celebrate the 30th birthday of his company Hokuyu Pack.

Even though they are not the first fruits of the season, their average price is still expensive.

`Delicious fruit is part of the meticulous process of developing relationships in Japan,` commented marketing professor Ken Gehrt of San Jose State University (USA).

At the Sembikiya store, 80% of customers buy fruit as a gift.

`People buy these expensive fruits to demonstrate their special gifts to the recipient, on important occasions or important people,` said Shim, an expert in research on the luxury fruit market.

And finally, fruit is expensive because Japanese people’s requirements for fruit quality are increasingly high.

`Before, for a long time, we were just like the US or Southeast Asia. People walked around eating apples on the street or apples sold on street corners. But now people demand more quality,

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