Why does Australia have a ‘toilet paper fever’?

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Why does Australia have a 'toilet paper fever'? 5
Why does Australia have a 'toilet paper fever'? 5

Instead of food, Australians are scavenging for toilet paper in supermarkets.

`It’s something I’ve never seen before and while I think I’m a rational person, it also freaks me out,` ABC Life reporter Patrick Wright commented when witnessing the fever.

Some online businesses have tried to take advantage of the opportunity.

Ms. Cheree Lawrence, a blogger living in Brisbane who runs the Facebook page `Oh So Busy Mum`, shared an advertisement selling toilet paper for A$5 a roll in Perth.

`I thought it was a joke when the media said stores were sold out of toilet paper until I witnessed it. I couldn’t believe all the empty shelves and sold out items every day

Australians are taking advantage of hoarding to buy toilet paper.

When the fever broke out, many people also wondered why they had to hoard toilet paper and not food during the Covid-19 season.

Gary Mortimer, Retail Expert, Professor at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), said the reason supermarkets are `out of stock` of toilet paper is because of low inventory.

Supermarkets don’t stock much toilet paper because it’s too light and bulky.

`If just a few dozen people increase their purchases of toilet paper, then suddenly the demand increases very quickly and it becomes very difficult to keep the shelves full,` Dr. Mortimer said, with the result that there is no more toilet paper to sell.

Jana Bowden, Associate Professor of Marketing at Macquarie University, said that fear when hearing news about toilet paper shortages in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan in the media caused people to actively collect goods.

`It’s a topic in the media and consumers are watching what’s happening around the world with the coronavirus,` the expert said. Users are psychologically contagious and when going to the supermarket,

`If you see someone buying something and you haven’t and it’s not available, you may feel regretful,` Dr. Bowden said. The fear in the customer’s mind is that if they don’t buy it right away, they won’t have another chance.

Some supermarkets have set limits on toilet paper each person can buy.

11 out of Australia’s 14 major toilet paper brands are domestic.

`Kleenex toilet paper for Australia and New Zealand is produced at our factory in the South. So as consumer demand increases, we have enough supply. We are working with customers

Solaris Paper, which produces toilet paper brands such as Sorbent, also said there will be no shortage of toilet paper.

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