Young people join the stock race

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Young people join the stock race 5
Young people join the stock race 5

Nguyen Quoc (HCMC), born in 2004, was guided by his uncle and opened a stock account in 2020 when he was 16 years old.

Joining the stock market later, Bui Phuong (Tra Vinh) started buying her first stock code in June 2021.

Previously, when hearing about stocks, Phuong was quite cautious because she had never been introduced to them in school or by her parents.

`Now I find it interesting. Every morning, turning on the electricity board and watching each of my coins change numbers has become a habit that brings positive inspiration to me,` Phuong shared.

Phuong is pouring nearly 20 million VND into bluechip codes in the steel, banking and retail industries.

Stock trading at Yuanta exchange in District 1, March 2021.

Nguyen Quoc and Bui Phuong are two of many young faces of the Gen Z generation (born from 1996-2010) participating in the stock market.

DBS Bank also reported that Gen Z’s investment increased by 200% from the beginning of last year and continues to this day.

Securities companies in Vietnam also recorded a similar trend.

Tan Linh – auditor and owner of an investment content channel with more than 81,500 followers, confirmed that many young investors are participating in the stock market.

`There are still many young people who are easily attracted to things that spend money and bring joy, but observing the user base on my channel, I think that more and more Gen Z are serious about acquiring knowledge and achieving

Another stock investment community group with 200,000 members also has 35% under 26 years old.

The increasing number of investors under 26 years old entering the market is not a surprising phenomenon given the stock fever that has lasted from mid-2020 until now.

From a demographic group associated with the stereotypes of `playboy`, `spending money`, `frivolous`… Gen Z gradually `breaks the ice`, appearing on the stock market as a group of investors

CEO Prashan Aggarwal shared on Straits Times that living conditions full of modern technology help this generation easily access financial information, investment methods and tools.

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