Young women are vulnerable because of their sexual ‘innocence’

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Young women are vulnerable because of their sexual 'innocence' 0
Young women are vulnerable because of their sexual 'innocence' 0

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A report by the National Working Committee on Women and Children released last year was based on a survey on sexual relations among 15-24 year olds in China.

The report shows that 22.4% of young people have sex before marriage.

However, in China, people avoid talking about sex because it is a private topic.

Schools don’t teach about sex, and neither does it at home.

`If not equipped with sexual knowledge, young girls are very vulnerable,` said Xiao Yuanhong, director of the Marie Stopes international development program in China.

In China, the average age of marriage is also later.

Many young girls are not fully aware of the dangers of abortion.

Meng Fan, director of Beijing Obstetrics Hospital, said: `If abortions are performed in illegal clinics, the risk will greatly increase.`

Chinese society still has many prejudices against children born to teenage single mothers, especially girls.

Wang Bing, general manager of a Beijing-based medical technology company, came up with the idea of bringing a kindergarten game show to television, which he had seen while living in Japan.

`The children are very excited about these games. They learn about sex in a very vivid and natural way, without encountering any awkwardness from their parents and teachers there,` the general director said.

Xiao believes that sex education should become a mandatory subject in schools and be implemented `step by step from kindergarten to university`.

`Family plays an important role in Chinese society,` said Ms. Chen, a member of the Chinese Sexology Association.

She also said that we should create conditions for teenagers to participate in more public activities together to help explain the things that children are curious about, as well as the mysteries about the opposite sex.

“China does not have sex education in the true sense of the word,” said Wan Shaoping, a professor at the Sichuan Institute of Dermatology and Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Ms. Chen believes that the essence of sexual education is to teach people how to transform their natural vibrations to love and learn to love, while also teaching them to appreciate and protect their partners.

Cao Thu (according to China Daily)

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